Greetings from Portugal

Jun 6, 2009
TomTom Model(s)
GO 720
Hi there!

My name is Jo?o and I'm from Portugal. I own a Tomtom Go 720 for quite a while but never had the time to explore the gadget yet. Now it's vacation time for me and I'm sure I'll travel to the beach in the near future, so I have to start to learn more about my Go 720.

I'm sure I'll learn some good stuff around here, and you will be of great help

Greetings from Portugal, Joao

Best Regards
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Welcome to TTF!

Don't forget to make an Explorer, not Home, backup of your unit's contents. Ensure hidden files/folders are showing.
Lost somewhere in the world

dhn and drledger thank you for the welcome, hope I enjoy the forum.

Now, dhn, you we're talking about backing up from explorer not home. I wanted to know why is explorer best and where can I get the software download link.

By the way, does anyone ever visited Portugal? Would you like to tell about you're trip? The places you liked the most? I'm trying to plan a little road trip whith a friend of mine, and we're still looking for ideas...

Thanks in advance
We're talking about Windows Explorer. (unless you have a Mac, then it is 'Finder').

Here is a link to a backup explanation courtesy of
click here
Ah, I got it!

II tought it was a specific TomTom program but it's old Windows Explorer, thanks I know how it works for file copy and stuff...:eek:

Another question, My tomtom sometimes doesn't find any satellites, even with the latest Quickgpsfix update. Is this normal at all? Hope not... One day I made a trip and wanted to try the GPS, unfortunately I made the whole trip without being able to use the TomTom, it wasn's able to get any signal...

Thanks in advance
A pin reset may help. You should be able to grab the satellites within a minute, especially if you've used the unit reasonably often.

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