Darth Vader

ive got loads of voices that are not on here.....how do i upload them? can you help please???
Thanx :D
All you really need to do is attach the file with your post.

When you click on reply, you'll see in the dialogue box where you type in your response a bunch of tools like bold, underline, italic etc.

You should see an icon of a paper clip, click on that. Now assuming the file is already zipped, you can just choose the file from you hard drive and click on upload.
Extract all 3 files in to your TomTom's folder that says voices.
When you turn on your tomtom, go to preference page and select change voice.
Your unit might ask you if you want to only select English voices, you have to select NO!!!
Custom voices are considered non English voices. You should see the custom voice.

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