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Sep 10, 2009
Hello, I'm new here so gooday everyone. I'd like to ask a question please.

I live in Tasmania Australia and I am borrowing my father in law's GO 910 to plan and eventually go on a motorcycle trip on mainland Australia for which I think the Tomtom will be very useful (I'm still saving for a Tomtom Rider). I have connected the Tomtom to my PC and updated all the free stuff using his account and now contemplating maps.

Tomtom Home is now offering to sell me a map update for AUD129.95 to version 835.2420 but I am unconvinced by the statement "this item needs to be downloaded" without at least some further information telling me why I should have it and some more information and a description of its benefits over what I already have (version 650.1114.1114).

Can anyone please tell me where I might be able to find more info about this new map version that they are recommending.

Thanks in anticipation,

Google maps uses the same company (TeleAtlas) for its maps as does TomTom (which owns TeleAtlas).

So, use Google Maps for Australia and see whether there are changes on it for areas you may cover that your old 6.XX map doesn't have. (I would expect there will be changes).

If you do see enough improvements/additions etc., that may be enough to motivate you to buy the new map.

This is what TomTom says about the 835 map:
Detailed map seamlessly covering Australia.
Map coverage statistics:
countries fully covered (99.9%): Australia
additional information: includes detailed directions through 560 major rural towns and a street network coverage of over 75%, map data provided by Sensis.
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but I am unconvinced by the statement "this item needs to be downloaded"

Tomtom HOME is not saying that you must download the map. It is saying that if you choose to buy the map, it will need to be downloaded.

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