A little help for my first purchase !

Sep 4, 2017
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Hello everybody,
I am here as I need an advice regarding the purchase of my first ever GPS navigator.

I was looking at TomTom website and I am interested in TomTom Go 520, but please, I have some question :

- once bought it, maps download and all other features like traffic updates, will be always for free?
- - should I pay a subscription like an annual one?
- - - what is the main difference between the 520 and 5200 model ?
- - - - what is the main difference between Go520 / Start and Via ?

I hope to receive your answer !

Have a nice day all !
Here's some info about a 5200:

and here is stuff about a 520:

Major difference is the 5200 has a built in SIM card to get traffic info. The 520 requires a smart phone in association with MyDrive to get the traffic.

I think services like traffic are always free for both but confirm with support and get further information from them:
Nederland (Holland)
020 850 1007
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Look around for something other than a tomtom!
I have just bought a tomtom 520 --- my third or fourth tomtom. I bought one more or less as soon as they became available.
Australian, or at least Sydney maps are crap, nowhere near as good as my previous tomtom unit.
I mean WRONG! Speed indications are often wrong.
I cannot find out how to turn on school zones --- one of the major features for me.
I cannot find any way to contact TomTom. Spent hours being led around in circles.

Customer service? they have never heard of the word, have no concept of what it might mean, and don't give a damn anyway.

they have finally given a voice warning feature instead of a bunch of stupid noises. their WIFI update is a good idea.
good luck!
Which other product has all those features you describe?
I do not know, as I said I have bought Tomtom since forever, but they have regressed alarmingly. While I haven't looked at other brands in the past, I certainly am now.
Maps and customer service have depreciated since I bought the previous unit.

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