Unsuccessful Obtaining RDS Traffic

Sep 26, 2010
TomTom Model(s)
I bought my GPS in Toronto and recently traveled to Montreal. I notice that the satellite/traffic? indicator remains in the 'search' mode and no green light shows up. The GPS otherwise works fine but I don't receive any traffic updates: is there something wrong w/ my unit (XL350TM)? Thx.
Have you tried a Reset.
Depending on device, hold the power button until the TomTom drums sound or use a paper clip carefully inserted in the hole underneath named Rest.
Yes, the green dot above the traffic bar: right now it's just a car and an arrow thing, like it's still searching for a signal. The USB cable is fine since my unit is charging...but somehow the traffic/satellite is not working. Will try a reset.
You noticed in the link I provided, it said coverage was only weekdays in Montreal? Were you there, by chance, on a weekend?
You noticed in the link I provided, it said coverage was only weekdays in Montreal? Were you there, by chance, on a weekend?

No I was there throughout the week. Will report back after I try some things. Thx for your comments.
If you haven't tried it, position your power cord with the egg-receiver as high as possible. It makes a difference for me when I'm at the fringe reception area.
Apologize for renaming the thread, but it may help later when other users are hoping to solve a similar problem.

For what it's worth, the traffic data for your unit does not come from a satellite -- it is broadcast at inaudible frequencies by FM stations in major cities.
The 'egg' thing is as high as possible the way I have it set-up. It works fine in Toronto, the signal is always there, but in Montreal, it's just intermittently...I guess that I'll have to chalk it up to different cities/different setups?

I realize that my traffic is only FM and not satellite, but there is a noticeable difference between the 2 cities.

No worries about renaming the thread.
Does it appear that your device is successfully locating the station(s) in the Montreal area? Have you tried forcing it to any of the known RDS frequencies? I believe 91.9 (CKLX) was the preferred station at one time if you anywhere in downtown, with 92.9 out Vermont as a backup.

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