TT $10 off $10 with free shipping if needed

Apr 18, 2010
TomTom Model(s)
XXL 540TM Navigon 7200T
I posted this on one other forum today. Found this on today. It worked on Voices as well. Bought the Yosemite Sam Tom Tom voice for $2.95 + tax. I realize only the computer voices give street names, but I got this as a novelty for "almost" free.
If this violates any policy, please remove immediately.

TomTom cuts up to 85% off a selection of GPS cases and covers during its latest sale. Even better, coupon code "Welcome123d" cuts $10 off orders of $10 or more. Plus, all orders receive free shipping. All together, that's the best deal we've seen on these items. A best bet is the Carry Case & Strap for TomTom ONE GPS for $5.95, or Two for $1.90 after the above coupon. With free shipping, that's 95 cents per case and the lowest total price we've seen.
I just tried this and it works... I think.... + Welcome123d promo code = Darth Vader@ $2.95 (no tax was charged) on the confirmation web page.

Update 1
I just checked my email and it is a purchase confirmation saying $12.95 was charged so I dont know what the deal is ....
A second PDF invoice was mailed to me and I am happy to say that I got the $2.95 price, no tax.
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I received the same email with the full price noted, but I looked online at my CC statement and it showed the actual charge of $10.00 less. I liked it so much I got the Homer Simpson voice as well under a different account. (Only one coupon use per account).

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