Tomtom + Home3 Need 52gb of my drive

Dec 2, 2022
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Toevallig zag ik dat Tomtom + Home3 Cache-bestanden 52Gb ruimte van mijn harde schijf nodig hebben... is dat echt nodig??? Het maakt me verontwaardigd ... Wat gebeurt er als ik die cachebestanden verwijder ?? Zal Drive Connect normaal blijven werken?? Heeft iemand advies... heel erg bedankt


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From Google Translate:

Coincidentally I saw that Tomtom + Home3 Cache files need 52Gb space of my hard disk... is that really necessary??? It makes me indignant… What happens if I delete those cache files?? Will Drive Connect continue to operate normally? Does anyone have any advice... thank you very much

Normally it is fine to delete the cache files on a regular basis to free up space on your hard drive.
Yes, these files do collect over time, and can take up a lot of space, and are never automatically deleted. Maps, of course, create the biggest mess of old downloads. The folder in question is not normally visible to users ('hidden'), and it is for that reason that MyDrive allows for a direct method of clearing out old, cached downloads. Selecting "Empty download folder" will take care of this.

Before you judge TomTom too harshly, take a look sometime at what you find in the folder that hold all of your Windows updates! Depending upon the age of the system, that folder can become quite cluttered as well over time as these are not deleted automatically, either, and Windows doesn't leave an easy way to find/delete them.


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