Smartphone will not supply traffic info to new Go Superior

Mar 10, 2010
Me again! So far I'm being unimpressed with my new toy, despite "You have a TT Traffic subscription" and my fully connected Android 13 smartphone is showing no problems BUT, despite being logged in, I have no access to Traffic. I just get the "Service unavailable" and "We are having trouble accessing TT Services. Please try later" messages. I've been trying to access for over a week now. I've tried complete resets of both my phone and the TT, I've tried using the phone as a hotspot and not using BT but it's of no use. My device will not show traffic. By the way, my TT App on the phone does show traffic so it's getting it and I can see it on my Android Auto which I'm reduced to using as the screen isn't great.
All devices are fully updated.
Please, has anyone any thoughts as to what I'm doing wrong otherwise it's going back as unfit for purpose!

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