Newbie, upgraded free map on TNS410 and lost traffic cameras

Mar 19, 2012
TomTom Model(s)
Hi all
two days ago I got a new Toyota Aygo with a TNS410 built in. I plugged it into the PC to get my free map update. There was an option to remove traffic cameras for France. I ticked this but now no cameras show when I'm driving past them here in the UK.
I have looked at the file structure for the TNS on my PC and the camera folder is there with two files. There's no option to show speed cameras on the TNS anywhere.
I need some help to get them back please. I've tried resetting to factory settings but this did not help
A few questions (as not so many people here will be familiar with the TNS410)

Does it use "Home" for the updates?
Is that where you ticked the box to remove the French cams?

Which folder were you looking in when you say "the camera folder is there with two files", and what were the file names?
It's just that on every Tomtom I know, the main camera data files are stored in your MAP folder (the one called "USA and Canada" or "Western Europe" or whatever your region is), not in a separate folder. But Home MAY be creating a folder to store it's index files in (just to remind it what it's done!)
A couple more questions.....

Did you EVER see the cameras working? (before you updated).
I just had a look at the user manual for the TNS410 and I can't see any reference to it having speed cams on it. I'm wondering if it's just a glitch in Home that offered to remove the French data when you didn't have it in the first place.

Finally, just a reminder that even if you don't have TomTom's own speed camera data, there are arguably far better alternatives available that WILL work on that model. The best database and warning system for the UK is from PocketGPS World.

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