Newbie: Installing maps to TomTom

Jun 22, 2010
So I manually downloaded the latest North America Map (v8.5) on to my laptop. Now I'm trying to install it to my TomTom 720 without TomTom Home. I following the instructions on "" but nothing happens. I get "No maps found" when I turn on my GPS which forces me to put back my old North American map.

I'm copying all the exact contents of the downloaded latest map files onto my unit (i.e replacing all the date files, and the folder brand) but as mentioned, I get "No maps found" when turning on the GPS. Am I suppose to do any folder or file modifications on the root folder of the GPS (i.e. in my case F:\) or is it all on F:\your_map_name

any help is appreciated.
Are you sure you also extracted the file from the file located in the <map>.zip and moved that file (<map activation>.meta.dct) to the specific map folder on the unit??

In other words, look in the North_America 850 map folder on your unit. Is there a file in there with an extension of .meta.dct??

There needs to be for the application to 'see' the map.
I attached a print-screen of what I "copied " onto my unit, the latest map. There was only a .meta and a .pna fila on the new maps I extracted and no .meta.dct as you mentioned. However, I kept the original .meta.dct file which was already on my unit and just changed its filename.

After all of that, still, "No maps found" is still displayed when I turn on the GPS


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Well, something is wrong for sure.......

Where did you get your map from? A 720 should NOT be using a USA_Mexico map but, rather, a North_America_2GB map and folder by the same name. I shoulde see NO reference to USA_Mexico in the screenshot you have provided.

Are all your maps from TomTom?????
The filename I downloaded was "USA_and_Mexico_2GB_850_2782" which I got off of a friend.

I see. Well can't I just change the filenames to what it use to be originally and it should work from there?

So just to clear things, I am looking for "North_America_2GB" map, right? Which map version should I get if I'm looking for Cspeech, IQ Route, ALG, ASR and HNR options
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The filename I downloaded was "USA_and_Mexico_2GB_850_2782" which I got off of a friend.
And there's your problem. Maps are keyed to individual units. TomTom has caught you red-handed with their key. We won't be able (or interested) to help you here until you're prepared to work with TomTom to get a legit map for your unit.
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