My feature request/conerns with tom tom car kit and iphone app

Aug 10, 2010
Dear Tom Tom,

you guys are doing a great job in providing nav solutions. I am using the Tom Tom app with tom tom car kit for iphone4. It works really well for me except two things , which are :

(*) when I receive a call , sound quality is really bad from the speakers of car kit. I don't know if I can route the phone sound to car speakers through aux cable.

(*) when I have nav open and playing music through phone using car kit and aux connection. the options to switch to different songs is very small on screen and is more dangerous while driving. I would love if tom tom can provide support for remote like this (Remote Control for GO - Handsfree and Wireless - Accessories - TomTom) which can do normal tasks like ; play ,pause , next song, previous song.shuffle on.
In market there are dozens of remote are avaialble for iphone but they all want you to connect ur phone through 30 pin connector , which is not possible in the case of tom tom car kit. since its already connected to car kit and it has wireless remote like above shud work easily just need FW support in it.
Hi damdude...
don't forget that TomTomForums,com is run by and for enthusiastic users. We are not TomTom and have no official connection with the company.

Although we are pleased to have your reports here, (as others may have the same issues or know a way round them), if you want to report it direct to the company, an email to customer services or a post in their own "Discussions" on their website might be best.

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