Homer Simpson Metrics (For us Canucks)

Mar 7, 2009
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GO 920(T)
I was just curious if I'm the only one who's ticked off with TomTom's persistent outdated website information.
I heard a while back that our beloved Homer Simpson joined the TomTom community, and to be honest....I was intrigued.

So I visited TomTom Canada's website (English), and of course, it says that Homer Simpson's voice (in Meters) is unavailable but that the US version is available. I say "of course" because as history has taught me, I can't rely on TomTom's own website to provide me with accurate/updated information on their own products/services. :mad:

I then decided to double check this in TomTom's HOME software. Lo and behold, it turns out it is in fact available. To say that TomTom's maintenance of their own website is pathetic, is a gross understatement.
Don't get me wrong, I love my TomTom unit, but as an organization they have really dropped the ball on this one.

And this lack of attention to detail also extends to their maps as well! It always states that maps are currently unavailble (just click here to see for yourself).

I would never recommend a TomTom product/service to anybody because of their lax attitude towards their obligations to their customer base. Sorry for the rant...I just find TomTom's lack of professionalism a bit more than I can swallow. Great product(s). Lousy service. :rolleyes:
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