Hello from the NorthEast US

Jul 30, 2008
Hi from New England - I've had my tomtom 510 for a bit more than a year now - but the husband kept taking it out of my car and "trying" to use it - not only am I married to the man who won't ask for directions, I'm married to the man who ignores the GPS system. So I finally have my hands on my tomtom - and I'm having issues syncing it to to my Sprint phone - and from all the things that I have read - I may never be able to do it - I have sprint vision unlimited data plan - so if there is anyone out there who knows what to do - please please please email me and tell me what to do. I desperately want to use the Plus Services - especially the traffic. I have to do a lot of travelling through the New York area to Pennsylvania in the next several months; knowing traffic ahead of time would be AWESOME!!

Well - anyway, my name is Chris and I'm happy to be here. :D


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