Extended fields in OV2 file?

Dec 28, 2007
Is there any way to include extended fields (user defined) in the OV2 file format and have this information displayed somehow on the device?

For example, if a POI database is for houses listed for sale, I'd like to be able to display basic information on each house in the POI database (price, days on market, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.).

Is this possible? If not on TT, do other GPS units support such a feature set?


TT has a way to cause additional data to show up on a "Details" page. I've been trying to figure out how they trigger that but no luck so far. It's hard since all of the POI files are encrypted so I can't see how TT splits up the fields.

FYI, It looks like the encrypted record type is 0x18.

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