Jun 21, 2014
TomTom Model(s)
910 GO
hi all, new to the forum i have a 910 go 20gb is it possible to do a full factory reset,thanks.
hi dnn,just that it has an app on it i can not get rid of and its driving me nuts have tried going into root files but no can do so if i could do a factory reset i could start from scratch, the app is mobilova.
When you connect your unit to Explorer, can't you see all the folder and files on your device?
Are you talking about a 3rd party application? If so, there is typically a separate folder with a name that indicates it belongs to the app, and also files in the 'sdkregistry' folder associated with the app as well.

The 'factory reset' will not remove those files for you, either.
hi wd 40,it is called mobilnova can't find a folder which it is in,got rid of the main app its just the start up which comes on when you power up the 910 which lasts about 5mins then it says removing kernel then reverts back to sat nav
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ok done it ,installed tt media player and then i saw a folder sdkregistry as wd 40 said which wasn't there before deleted the folder and uninstalled ttmp software and its gone can not beleve it,was driving me nuts but all good now will do a fresh backup so thanks all for your replies really appreciate it.

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