Speed trap warnings are so wrong

Dec 26, 2009
I just tested my new TT ONE IQ Traffic unit on a short journey and there are (apparently) 2 speed traps on the route I took. On the first occasion I got a symbol in the top left corner showing the number 25 in a red circle then later on the number 19 in a red circle. Both are completely invalid speed limits on UK roads. Why is it doing this?
This is a known bug with the current software releases on a number of different TomTom products, not a lot you can do about this as it will require an update to the software on the device to fix it, TomTom are aware of this issue, its something to do with MPH/ KPH as there is a connection with the numbers you see19/ 30 but I have never seen a 25 warning on a TomTom in the UK thats a new one on me!

To be honest I use the Speed Camera Database from PocketGPSWorld.com as its better all round for accuracy, updates are frequent and you get better spoken alerts as to the type of camera and rated speed - Mike
May I make a suggestion?

If you want reliable, accurate, up to date, speed camera data, you will NOT get it from TomTom's provided files.

Instead, I would recommend that you go to this site: pocketgpsworld.com and subscribe to their speed camera files. More information here

As a bonus, one of our SuperMods, mikealder, is also a moderator at that site and can assist you with any questions.

I know that if I were UK based, I'd join in an instant.

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