souther europe NO PICTURE!!!!!

Aug 2, 2009

My Uncle has a TOMTOM ONE and has installed the southern europe map onto an SD card, now when he plugs the SD card in and selects the southern europe map the picture just dissapears and he cant see anything. Is this just because he isn't in southern europe (we are in the UK) or is something a bit more sinister going on??

we'd appreaciate the help very much so
Do an advance planning from city A to city B for the map. Then do a route demo. you should see the map (Remember--Manage Maps--Select map first).
Hi thnx for the quick reply but the problem is as soon as the map is selected the screen just goes blank and thats it we can't do anything
Turn off the Tomtom, put in the SD, then plug the Tomtom into your computer.

Open Tomtom HOME, then turn on the Tomtom, and connect to the computer when prompted.

Then in HOME, switch to your map, then run "Operate my ONE", and add or rename a favorite. Then click done, wait for the red X to disappear on the Tomtom, then click the blue disconnect button on the lower right corner of HOME.

Now see if the map works on the Tomtom.

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