Southern Africa map is not visible

Aug 18, 2009

I have a GO 910, and I updated via Home to 7.903 App firmware.

I have 5 maps, 4 of them in V6.xx and one of them is v7.30 of Southern Africa.

When I go to "switch maps", I do not see "Southern Africa", however when I go to "manage my GO", I do see that I have 5 maps on the system.

What is wrong ? How can I make Southern Africa map visible ??




Yes, you mean the button on the back of the unit? Yes, I did that several times.

Still, no map of Southern Africa visible.

Could it be a problem with 7.903 version of firmware with the v7.30 version of the map?

I noticed that the v6.xx maps do have .mds files, but the v7.30 of Africa map does not.

I am puzzled.

thanks for more tips on what to do

Well, you can try this.......

Go to this link and dl the V7.161 application for the x10 series.

Uninstall your application and install the 7.161. See if all maps are recognized then.

I think the 7.903 application allowed for the use of V8 maps but, since you don't have any at that level, it shouldn't matter.

Just to play safe, though, make a complete Explorer, not Home, backup of your unit's contents first.


Use Windows Explorer to delete all the loose files in the root of the unit. NO folders or their contents.

Download the compressed .cab file containing the lower application.

Use winrar or equivalent to extract the files from the .cab file back to the root of the unit.

Disconnect the unit properly from the computer (using the Safely Remove icon on the task bar.).

Restart the unit.


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