newbie: hello and question

Oct 21, 2008
Holland, MI
TomTom Model(s)
hello all,
new to this site. have ad my tomtom one for about 6 months. i love it. i am actually wanting to buy a tomtom xl now.
my main concers is: can i take all the favorites, voices, etc. and have them transferred to my new tomtom?

thanks! chad
The short answer is yes. Voices, color schemes, etc are easy - you can copy over with windows explorer to the same folders, but I would "Copy to Computer" with home as many things as it will let you, and it is very ease to have home load them back up. Note - maps you bought and other items you bought are protected content and you will not be able to move these normally.

As for favorites and any other items that you cannot move with Home - there have been posts on this subject, so search the Forum.

If you are going to keep the original unit, you will have to create two TomTom accounts to manage the two devices, but you can do both with one Home installation.

Note - look at the forum for posts about the like-new refurb 720 at Radio Shack - you might get more bang for your buck.

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