Hello to all from a newbie

Jan 23, 2009
TomTom Model(s)
Tomtom one vs 3
Hello everyone.

Bought Tomtom one Vs 3 a year ago.......and used without problem. Never really messed with it as not that way inclined other than adding voices and speed cameras. This is the version with an internal built in 1 gig SD card.

Just used it and everything was fine until:

Last Monday night logged onto the tomtom site and it advised me to upload some upgrades for my tomtom which I did and disconnected correctly from computer system after being advised upgrade finished.

Now when try to run tomtom get a flashing red circle with a white cross in it. If link back to tomtom home it advises new application installed disconnect and reconect to fix......(no help)

Have original backup to computer that I did when first purchased tom tom. If I delete all on tomtom and then recopy backup as is from computer to tom tom will that reinstall the tom tom programme so that it runs?

Sorry for such a basic question but dont normally mess with the equipment if its working. Any assistance appreciated.

The Red X is symptomatic of a user not disconnecting the unit properly from the computer (in other words, BEFORE all data got written to the internal storage).

See here for further information about a solution.

and look here for information about how to properly disconnect from the computer.
Thanks very much for advice....appears family member had inadvertently removed or knocked the usb lead....but failed/forgot to mention it to me.

Will attempt to rectify now thank you.

Jimmer 773
Up and Running

Thanks very much.....TT One Vs 3 now working again with relevant updates. Handy helpful site.......cheers.

Jimmer773:) :)

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