I miss the pin reset on the newer TT's

Dec 18, 2007
South FL
TomTom Model(s)
TomTom XL-335TM; Map 935.5811
I used my TT 3rd edition for 3 years and it served me very well. When I'd get through using it, I had the habit of doing a 'pin-reset' on the device before putting it away. This would keep the battery from discharging – in case I went several weeks between uses. The clock would go to 12:00, but after acquiring satellites, would reset itself. Worked great – and the battery was always fully charged when I turned it back on.

On the newer devices there is no pin reset. But... I wonder if there a way to use the 15 sec on/off reset to completely turn off the device? (I searched but couldn't find a thread addressing this).

One thing you can try as I have seen it work on a few devices is to press and hold the power button and keep it pressed even after the unit restarts, after a few more seconds a black screen with a load of information and values on it, at this point release the on/ off button before pressing it again to power off the device.

The next time you power up the unit it should start with a drum roll that is indicating the unit was fully off rather than the suspend mode, if it starts up without a drum roll then it was in suspend and not really off, if this is the case there isn't much you can do - Mike

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