Existing maps after a device upgrade

Sep 18, 2014
TomTom Model(s)
I expect I can guess the answer to this, but...

...I currently have a GO920 with Western Europe, North America and Southern Africa maps (the latter two haven't been updated for a year or two). I'm considering passing this device on to my wife and getting a new GO 5000 which in the UK comes with free live traffic and lifetime updates plus a Western Europe map. I do a lot more long-distance driving than she does.

Can I transfer the USA and SA maps to the new device?

I suspect the answer's 'no', and the way forward would be to take the 920 with us when we go to the USA and SA next year (since the live traffic and map updates on the GO 5000 wouldn't be that useful compared to the cost of new maps, and I suspect they wouldn't work while abroad), but is that right?

Many thanks for any thoughts.
Yes, you are correct. Maps cannot be shared between devices. And the live traffic on the Go 5000 won't work with maps of other countries, as you suspect as well.

Oh, welcome to TTF! :)
Many thanks (for the welcome and the helpful info!).

What I was really asking was if it was possible actually to move the maps (i.e. transfer their allegiance from one device permanently to another) but I very strongly suspect the answer's the same.

This will make it worthwhile hanging on the the 920 until our trips next year, anyway - we can then make the decision whether to update the 920 maps or purchase new ones for the GO 5000 depending on costs and offers near the time.

One subsidiary question, please: does one ever run in to problems having both 900-series and 5000-series devices managed on the same PC desktop? I understand the 5000 is managed via something other than TomTom Home.
You can't move maps from one device to another.

You CAN have both Home 2 (needed for the 920) and MyDrive (needed for the 5000) on the same computer.

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