Black Nissan 350z

Aug 2, 2011
I don't really know where to go to buy new car icons for my TomTom XL. I have seen that others on the forum have made custom cars for other users. I don't even know how to get that on my GPS if someone made one for me. If someone makes me a black Nissan 350z and tells me how to get it onto my device, I would be very grateful!
You shouldn't ever need to BUY them...

To help us to help you.... Rather than someone having to trawl the web to find a suitable picture, we usually ask you to find one that you like yourself.
Or better still, take a photo of your own car. Do it from behind and slightly above (eg from an open upstairs window) as that ends up looking best on screen.

Then post your picture up as a reply to this topic.

Some instructions on how to do that are here:
How to provide us with a picture of your own car
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Andy, I closed that thread you started in the link. Just to keep it clean. Thanks for posting that.

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