540xxltm not completing its start up

Feb 20, 2010
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GO 500 2405TM XXL540TM
I updated it and now it won't get past the legal notice. It seems to recycle. It seems to work ok when hooked up to the computer but not in the car.
I'm now "restoring" but it says it will restore to June 19, i.e., today, so not sure anything will change.

Any other ideas?
Thank you
Connect to Home. Run the emulator (Operate my Unit). Edit a favourite by adding one, deleting one or editing an existing one. Doesn't matter.

Now, disconnect properly from Home using the device disconnect icon.

Restart the unit.

Any better?
I added and deleted different favorites and I can now get satellites but it won't complete planning a route. it also still seems to shut down by itself. Should I update it? or?.

I can go to factory reset if needed. I don't have much personal/favorites, etc

You can back up your personal favorite information by making a copy of the mapsettings.cfg file (it's in the folder with your map) and it may be possible to restore it later.

As for the shut-down... what is the status of your battery? We'll want to sort out whether the shutdown is a function of a crash or a battery issue.
And the shut down occurs when plugged into car lighter socket with car engine running.
The first procedure here >>> http://uk.support.tomtom.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/12412 called "I have a map to download on my account" should be safe because of your Lifetime map subscription.
HOWEVER, even then, we recommend that before you start, you use this backup method to keep at least a copy of what you have, such as it is >>> https://www.tomtomforums.com/thread...-to-the-computer-and-how-to-restore-it.17864/ -- having done that, the worst off you'll be is back where you were.
That first TomTom procedure cited is going to have you 1) wipe the temporary storage of any TomTom items from your PC, 2) wipe your 540 clean, and 3) reinstall your device's firmware. After that, Home should also offer you the most recently available map (#930).

If you get into a ditch anywhere, we can always recover things back to where you were (due to your backup) and try again.
I did the back up, the removal of files from the device, reformat of the device and I added back via Update all but the map. I'm now trying to (re) connect my device to the computer and the device seems stuck on that page. When I disconnect, it gets stuck/freezes at the legal notice page. I have not been able to make it do a "full start" with the drum roll but will keep trying that.

Thank you so much for your guidance.
I did get it to do a drum roll and then it went to the black screen with small white words. It had a red outline around the line that says : Sector Protection NO.

But when I hook it up to the pc, it still brings up the Computer - no/yes screen and is still frozen, can't make "yes" or "no" work.
You held the button down a bit too long and got the diag screen instead of a reset. Press and hold, then release immediately when you hear the drums. Do NOT hold it longer than that.
I can't get another drum roll. Connected to pc I can only get the computer connect question screen and not connected I get the legal notice screen. I can't get past either one.
Two questions we ought to have asked in the beginning...

You said "I updated it and now it won't get past the legal notice.". What update were you performing when all of this occurred?

It would be interesting to see how you do if you copy your backup that you made earlier with our procedure to the unit, then rename the file in your map folder called mapsettings.cfg to mapsettings.xxx and then see what happens when you boot it up. If it boots, it will create a new default mapsettings.cfg file that we can deal with later.
The update I did that seemed to cause this was not a map. I think it was small things like mapshare, quickgpsfix.

I'll need help or more specifics on your last paragraph. First, how can I add files to the device if I can't get the device to be recognized by my pc? Secondly I read our instructions to say that I should reload all the files I put in my new folder on the pc. Then go into those files on the device and rename one. Am I reading your directions correctly?

Thanks again,
I found what may be a reset button under the paper/tape that has the serial number, fcc, etc at the bottom of the device. Is it a reset button and should I push it? If so, with device on or off?
The 540 does NOT have a reset button on the bottom. To accomplish a 'drum reset', you hold the power button about 20 seconds till you hear the drum sounds and then let go of the button.
Ok. I did just get a drum roll but it then goes to my usual locked legal screen. Then when I hook it up to the pc it goes to my usual locked computer question screen.

good news. Hooked to the pc, I did get a drum roll and Home now sees my device. So should I try to do what in reply #13 and my interpretation in #14?
SUCCESS!! in that a map is now being loaded which is the process that was next in the reset process.AND now I can report that my PND is working correctly!!

THANK YOU to canderson and dhn!!!!!!!!!!
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