For those who were as confused by the above post as I was, the devices mentioned are as follows...

The xav-701hd is a SONY car Head unit (Details on the US Sony website here).

... and the xa-nv200tl is an add-on "navigation module" for some Sony equipment, made by TomTom.

I cannot see it on either the UK TomTom website or on the US or UK Sony website, but there's a picture of it on Amazon here

However, I did find this discussion on Sony's own forum, which seems to say they are NOT compatible with each other.
XAV-701BT is not equipped with integrated TomTom navigation and is not compatible to use with XA-NV200TL (navigation module). Using this Navigation module will display no navigation in the menu.
More digging finds this about the xav-701hd on this page....
Connect the optional TomTom® XA-NV100T navigation for direct access to built-in GPS control. TomTom is the only company to incorporate real world, real-time feedback, providing the most accurate maps available.

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