Lowes - 1.2

Aug 11, 2006
Download and unzip to "USA_and_Canada" folder on the TomTom SD card.


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Pedro please don't go too crazy!:( I should be able to update these myself to some degree. ;) Thanks to the Forum and 'youse guys' (Brooklyn speak) I've learned/taught myself how to create and edit POI's. :)

Now the fun really begins!:eek:
Sounds Great Mike. Right now it's easy to make POIs for certain cities. Im trying to make them for the whole nation.

Good Luck
LOWE'S (v1.3)

OK...here we go again! :eek: This version includes the LOWE'S stores in NY and NJ. :)


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More Lowe's...

How about adding Lowe's for the Pacific NW - specifically the Portland, OR/Vancouver, WA area.

Thanks for all the great work.
If you've been looking at the Home Depot thread you'll see that I posted a listing there that includes the US and Canada (all stores as of 1 week ago). I'm posting a Lowe's list here now (a little delayed due to some issues I had with the Home Depot list - mostly errors on my part, or just lack of experience). Anyway, here is version 1 of my list, including 1,555 locations in the US and Canada.


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Here is version 2 of my Lowe's POI list, based on Lowe's web site store locator as of June 30, 2008. Changes since last time:
  • (23) stores added
  • (0) stores removed
  • (0) stores relocated
  • (1578) total stores in US and Canada

If you notice any stores in your area that appear out of place on the map, let me know the correct coordinates and I can update my database for the next release.



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Hi, before I download the Loews and Home Depot POI's, I was wondering if they were for the Phoenix area. I am a service technician and am all over the valley. I am always needing to know where the closest one is. Will this be of use to me or should I look somewhere else?


Also if I do download these should I download the latest version only and how do I upload them to the TomTom One

EDIT: I figured out how to download to my device. I still am wondering if the Phoenix area is covered?
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poi for lowes in ma.

any help would be great. also looking for home depot as well. i am new to this but the costco one worked great. thanks in advance for any help.
I have tried to locate Lowe's in TN, I haven't found any, do you have a TN listing? Thanks for doing this!

Version 3 is here, based on Lowe's store locator listings as of May 11, 2009.

103 stores added
0 stores moved
0 stores removed
1681 stores total

The listings include all stores in the US and Canada, with addresses and phone numbers.

As always, let me know of any errors. Enjoy!


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For those who are using the full POI set from the 9xx devices, Lowes can be found by searching for "Lowe's".

While you're at it, Walmart can be found by searching for "Wal-Mart".

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