Hello everybody.......tomtom awayyy !

Jun 16, 2009
Hi folks

Just signed up to aid the cause this minute...................

Glad to be here, look forward to getting to know yall

Im a half Hungarian half Irish UK born mad man, who loves life and loves people, well most of em any how,
No no.... I wont go there.

I am as my name represents a Tomtom virgin, So Im hoping your going to break me gently, no rough stuff quite yet...............................:)

I have actually owned my currant tomtom for a year ( was a gift from someone in Hungary, whilst out there last year), but had no maps, no SD, no home dock. I cant even be certain it works correctly.

That what Im hoping somebody here could help me to find out.................

I will do a seperate post on the subject, when i have found my way round here.............

My tomtom I think is a GO710, Now I think that this may have been a europen model only, not sure , someone correct me,
but I believe its near identical to 510 or 700

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