Jul 18, 2010
was Nr Carcassonne France. Now NW Wilts England.
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TomTom Model(s)
I have just treated myself to a Go Exclusive, an update to my old Go6000. On my account page I have an update available fro Belsito, but I don't have a clue what Belsito is apart from a place in Southern Italy?

Can anyone explain just what it is? In single syllable words if possible for this thicky please.

I haven't had chance to use my new toy yet but it looks rather nice. The big problem for me is that by the time I work out what everything does it will all be out of date :oops:

Edit : - I forgot to ask if anyone knows how much memory the Exclusive has and is there a hidden way to insert an SD card?


Surprised that name appears. It's the "internal" beta name for the latest TomTom nav products. They've been on an Italian city name kick for these projects for many years.

No way to add a uSD to these models, but with 32GB of memory, shouldn't be needed.
Take it that the serial number starts with B4, if so it has 24GB of internal memory so does not need an SD card, which would not be accessible anyway due to TTs proprietary formatting
This is indeed a mistake on our side. The internal project name should not be shown. I passed this on and it will be fixed.

Sorry for the confusion this caused!
It does start with B4 Niall. My Go6000 has an SD card in it. That was for loading maps of France when we lived near Carcassonne.

I can't remember the detail, but I remember buying the micro SD and spending quite a long time downloading those maps on our 'high speed' 1.5meg internet connection! Our village is about 3k from the nearest fibre and the mairie wouldn't pay for it to be laid to us.


You should be like me Juergen. I never make mastikes mate :rolleyes: The only problem with me is that keybaords go totally dyslexic when I go near them, but then again that isn't my fault, is it? :eek:

From the little I have seen of my lovely new Exclusive it is going to be an impressive bit of kit. The Go6000 is/was goos, but!!