XXL custom menus? (540TM)

May 5, 2010
Hi all,

I got my shiny new XXL540TM recently, and have been trying to get the custom menus set up. Specifically, I want the doc browser as an option. I was successful at modifying menus on my One 3rd edition (thanks in no small part to you folks here), but it is now dead (it may get recycled on eBay though...).

Anyhow, when I try the same trick (Tomtom.mnu etc.) on the new 540, tapping the screen to bring up the main menu gets me a "Voices and images" menu instead of what I put in.

So, is there something I'm missing? I've been out of the TomTom scene for a while...I see the sticky post on more menu options for Easymenu, but am not sure if my unit is an Easymenu? How do I get the document viewer (please tell me I can!!)?

Thanks much in advance,
First of all, your model is (fortunately) NOT an EasyMenu model.

Have you made an Explorer, not Home, backup of your unit's contents? If not, do so now.

Others may offer suggest tips on installing a custom menu, if you really desire it.........
Good...and thanks for reminding me to do a backup. I did one last night.

Would still like to get a custom menu. Does anybody know?

I have not applied the custom menus to my 540 since it already comes with the full menu structure.
Ah, but it doesn't have the doc viewer! That's all I want.... the image viewer I used to use on my One 3rd (Roberto Piola and TomTom) might be handy at some point too, but I can really do without it.

From various posts around here, it sounds like the image viewer may not work on my new 540 (even if I did have menus working)? And then lots of posts about TomTom discontinuing the SDK, etc., but a lot of those are VERY old (even from before I got my One, on which I did have the custom menus, doc viewer, image viewer, etc.). Does anybody know the current state of affairs vis-a-vis customizing / creating 3rd-party software / etc.? TomTom.com seems pretty ignorant about "SDK", which is not a good sign.

These things make me sad, as the whole customizability/hackability/3rd-party apps/Linux thing was one thing I really loved about my One....and a major influence to go TomTom again. (Perhaps I should have researched the current state of things before buying...)

Maybe I should just send it back and get a unit that comes out-of-the-box with a text reader.

Also, FWIW: I have:
App 9.061.576030.2, OS 567329
(1034, 9/15/2010)
GPS v1.20, Boot 5.5279
Map:USA_Canada_and_Mexico_P' v845.2670

Thanks for listening!
There's a whole thread dealing with using the custom *.mnu file to get features back on the EasyMenu units. If your unit HAS the mini-browser firmware, adding the line
to the menu structure they're talking about there will bring it back. If not..

You could always pick up a GO740.

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