XXL 535 T - Display Speed Limits?

May 21, 2010
California, US
TomTom Model(s)
XL 335 SE
I just traded in the XL 335 SE for the XXL 535 T. There is only one feature that I really liked better on the 335. By default, the 335 SE would display the speed limit on the main screen so that you could track just how fast you were going. (Useful for when you hadnt seen a speed limit sign in a while. Although, accuracy wasn't a for sure thing.) Anyways, I love the 535 T quite a bit more but was wondering if there was a way to get this information to display on the main screen. Anyone have any ideas or hints? It has a safety option to notify you if you are exceeding either the speed limit or a set speed... So I know it tracks the speed limits somewhere in there...

Should be a preference-->Status Bar.

If so, show current speed should be an option found there.
I have a Speed option which is currently checked. But that only appears to show your current speed and not the associated speed limit as well.

Hmm. There's also a show max speed next to speed and that is checked as well... Maybe as I just haven't got on a freeway yet it doesn't know the speed limit on these side streets.

Aha. I Just programmed the speed limit for the housing track I am in and it's working fine. Looks like the streets here just aren't programmed. That I shall have to remedy!

Yes, normally speed data for highways and some main roads are in the mapping data, though you can add the speed limits for streets using mapshare.

Be advised, though, any speeds added via mapshare are NOT considered for the ETA to a destination or in the calculation of 'fastest' for route planning.
Do mapshare changes for speed limits ever get approved by TomTom and made official? Or are they pretty much just changes you are going to see? I ask because I've seen some major highway speeds that were incorrect in the TomTom.

I do believe they do ultimately get sent to the 'verify' department (whoever that is....:D) and some changes do get reflected in future maps.

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