XL325 SE : How Do I??? HELP

Dec 17, 2009
Just got myself the new 325SE from Walmart. But I have the following issues.

1) The unit takes around 2 to 4mts to find the satellites once I power it on.

2) How do I turn on the TEXT-To-SPEECH feature. Should it be turned on by default. I couldn't find it anywhere. It still only says " Turn right in 300 ft" instead of turn right at "Michleson Lane"

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Upon initial use, it may take a few minutes to capture the satellites. Make sure the unit is stationary and in an open area.

Select a computer voice for text to speech to work in Preferences-->Voice Preferences.

I have a similar problem. I have the Walmart XL 325 se and when I choose my voice, the spoken street names option is greyed out and I cannot enable it. I updated everything but still cant enable anything. Sorry for taking over your thread.
Under voice options, is there a computer voice selected?

And, you do have to navigate to-->you MUST select a state here (it may be showing the 'generic' United States)-->then city.

Now, go back to navigate to and see if all icons are there and active.


Yes I picked a computer voice but still has it greyed out. However, after I set my home address it worked. Thanks :)

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