XL one traffic activation issues

Jun 23, 2009
Hi. I have a TomTom XL one and i have paid for traffic alerts but cannot activate it with a mobile phone. I have contacted TomTom but am having no luck. I have tried my phone nokia 6500 slide, an LG arena a samsung d600......any ideas ?

thanks Alan
So i got to the bottom of the problem. Basically you need to own one of the phones on their totally obscure list of phones. Then you use your phone to actuvate your traffic alerts. But what they dont tell you is that you need the phone connected to the internet the whole time you are driving....so as i used someone elses phone to activate it (because my NOKIA was not compatible !) i spent a whole hour wasting my time. TomTom are going to refund me but because of 'system' it will take 4-6 weeks to get the refund..........................


disgusted tomtom user
Let's see.......

You did not understand the need for having a tethered phone to get plus services before buying and then you imply TomTom are crooks? :confused:

I would be careful about the name calling, mate. Or you may find others tossing a few terms at you.
because my NOKIA was not compatible

I have yet to see an incompatible Nokia on a Tomtom. What model Nokia? And what phone carrier are you using? We can help you troubleshoot. If you can get the free weather service working, then the traffic alerts will work.

Tomtom phone support phones that aren't on their list, but contrary to what they say, many of them will work (especially Nokias).
The ONE XL has two traffic options, an FM antenna or a compatible bluetooth phone.

If someone told you that the alerts didn't need a phone, they probably thought you were using the antenna. A knowledgeable sales rep would have explained the difference.

If it's a store sales rep, I'm not surprised. If Tomtom phone support, that's unusual, but there are always bad apples everywhere.

So on to getting your traffic subscription working:

What happens when you try to pair the phone, does the connecting bar make it to 100%, or do you get errors?

If it makes it to 100%, what does it say on the next screen? Do you get a choice of phone models (if so, choose other)? Do you then get a choice of phone carriers? Which carrier do you have and what option did you choose?
Firstly i have since spken to a lady at tomtom who agrees with me that it is misleading and they wil amend asap to stop this happening in future (im guessing im not the only one to have had this) With proof of purchase she will send me a f.o.c. antenna. I appreciate i was a bit OTT before but surely if you cant get help from a helpline then its going to get peoples backs up, especially when it cost you money !
I actually have an email from tomtom telling me my phone is not compatible. Strange for a relatively newish phone (compared to some of the fossils on the list :) ) Anyway I should be sorted now hopefully. Again sorry if i upset anyone but i was fuming. I work in a plumbing shop and if someone asked me a question that i didnt know the answer to i would find the answer, not just say 'yes'.
Be aware that Tomtom only tests a limited number of phones for compatibility in their lab.

Their support people are trained to refuse to troubleshoot phones that aren't lab-tested. It seems reasonable, troubleshooting live on a potentially unsuccessful diagnostic is something that Tomtom doesn't want to spend support time and cost on.

That said, members here have successfully paired many phones that are not on the Tomtom list, so you can't take Tomtom's "it doesn't work at face value.

Looks like your issue was solved with the free antenna, but if you ever want to troubleshoot your phone, post back and we'll try.
However, the Tom Tom Traffic (I live in Toronto, so it is the only market I can compare), ALWAYS gives me a green circle to let me know there are no delays, even while I am in rush hour traffic. I want to use the re-routing feature, but as it always is seeing traffic on my route as rosy, it does not re-route.

ekc2112 - Since you're getting the green circle, I think your issue is more of a Canada one than a pairing/bluetooth one. The green circle means "good connection", not "lack of delays"

So l moved all the posts to the other thread.
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Just to update you.. i got on to tomtom today to say i have not received my RDS unit yet and was told they decided not to send it as its too expensive (probably cost them ?3) even though i have an email telling me i would get one.Nothing more to say on that is there.......

Check the Compatibility of your Phone. The Phone Compatibility List can be found here :- http://www.tomtom.com/phones/compatibility/

- Check with your Network Provider that you have Full Unrestricted GPRS Access on your Phone.

- You will need to have a valid TomTom Traffic subscription on your TomTom Account.

To set up the Traffic Service on your TomTom, you will need to do the following:-

- On the TomTom, tap onto 'TomTom PLUS Services ->Edit PLUS Account', or tap onto 'Change Preferences -> My TomTom account'
- This will establish your wireless Data Connection.
- Once the Connection has been established, the TomTom will ask you to enter your Email Address and Password for your TomTom Account.
- Once you account settings have been validated, tap onto the TomTom Traffic Icon to receive Traffic Updates.
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If you're die hard about the antenna, go call the phone support as it's more effective than email.

If you want to try bluetooth traffic, try pairing the phone and test out weather. What errors do you see?
I dont think its worth wasting money on a phone call to them. The girl i spoke to said if i fill in the questionaire email and complain it will reflect on her so what do you do ? I think (imo) they are very unprofessional but as with my industry, the saying goes, 'you are only as good as your worst member of staff'' . quite true . Anyway problem solved as i bought one BNIB on ebay for ?14.99 and free postage. :) go me ... ha ha

thanks for your replies .......Alan

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