XL 4ET03 Volume 100% Won't Talk

Mar 25, 2013
US, Indiana
TomTom Model(s)
XL 4ET03
My XL 4ET03 model won't talk. The volume is at 100%, but when in-vehicle it won't talk. Every once in a while, I get a noise when approaching a point where it would normally direct you for exits/turns, but nothing I can comprehend. Almost like the speaker is bad or has a bad connection. Trying to find out what my options are ... trash it, repair it (by what means?), other? Thanks
We need to find out if it is a voice problem or an 'ANY sound' problem.

Go to the Manage POI menu, and try setting up a warning for any POI category.
When you get to the part where you select a sound effect, do you hear it?
Additional numbers on the unit are:
4ET0.002.03 - I think defining the specific model ... AND
GJ2370B14151 - which I believe is the serial number

Voice was intermittent at first, seemed to get progressively worse. Now I seem to have nothing. I guess I haven't tried an alternative voice.
I don't see/find a Manage POI Menu. I did select a different voice and hear it. I also found my Volume Preferences set to 0%. After playing with the unit, selecting a few recent destinations and planning a route, several times my volume preferences were set back to 0%.
Additional numbers on the unit are:
4ET0.002.03 - I think defining the specific model ...

No, that's just an internal TomTom part number, which is why (in our Welcome topic) we ask people not to use them.
What TomTom you own.... What we need is the name ON THE BOX it came in. Don't expect to find the model name on the unit itself as the details on there are sometimes just a company reference or part number.

If you don't have the original box handy, the easiest way to find the exact model name or number is to enter the first two letters or characters of your unit's SERIAL NUMBER (the one right next to the barcode label) into TomTom's on-line "model-finder" tool here (US site) or here if you are in the UK/Europe.

GJ2370B14151 - which I believe is the serial number

Correct.... which makes it a XL IQ Routes ² (UK name) XL 250 / XL 335/ XL 350 - 2GB TTS (US names)

If I'd known it was an XL suffix "2", I wouldn't have suggested you check in the Manage POIs menu, as that is one of the few models which DO NOT have the full menu structure.

But anyway.... is it now all working, but somehow you managed to end up with the volume set to zero?

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