XL 340 Free up space for map

Jun 4, 2011
I have a XL 340 and went online a month ago to updated it, paid and downloaded the latest map (US_Canada_Mexico .
When I check the map version is says it is up to date.

When I connect to the computer and hit update my XL it
has another map it wants me to load 416MB Version 830.2284 (the picture is of the mid-west United states) and gives me no other info. Then it tells me there is not enough room and wants me to copy to the computer and delete my current may.

What I don't understand is if I have the most current US map why do I need to update this map and when I delete my current map to make room for it, what map will I have?

I am using a Mac to interface and have emptied the Trash on the TomTom and have moved all but 1 voice to the hard drive.

You may have had a previous unit that you are using the same email address for with this unit.

Just ignore the information about ther older map and get used to unchecking the selection in future updates.

Home has its problems, as you've noticed.

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