Without TomTomForums.com

Dec 31, 2006
Without TomTomForums.com my ONE would be a device I used once after Xmas on a LONG road trip and would be sitting on the shelf until another long trip.

I've already said that in another post but I really think it need to be said in it's own post.

Without TTF my TT Device would be just another cool electronic gadget I got as a gift and rarely use.

With TTF I have found that this little PND is and can be so much more than just a Navigation Aide. I would like the thank the owners and designers of the site for the idea.

and I also want to thank EACH AND EVERY MEMBER for their contributions.

I hope each member visits this thread and continues it on...



Nov 26, 2006
TomTom Model(s)
ONE v2

If anything. With the forum of the respective PRODUCT that I have, I wouldn't have known as much or be as interested in the product. All companies can learn from forums. I realise it represents a tiny number of people who bought the product but it does go to show that there are people who are more than just interested in the product and are willing to push the limit of the product within reason of course and without violating the warranty.

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