Which device can i download voices from my pc?

Mar 16, 2012
south africa
TomTom Model(s)
via 125 live
Hey, which TomTom device can i buy that i can put voices downloaded on my pc on to the device? i have bought a Live 1000 and a via 125 live and they both dont work!! I just want a TomTom to put the Eric Cartman voice on! So which devices are able to do so??
Since it is not a computer voice, either model should work (with the latest MyTomTom version and latest build for the units) under Add Community Content on the desktop MyTT icon IF it is not a commercial (paid for) voice you are trying to share between TT models.

That won't work, just like sharing maps don't work.
It was not bought on the tomtom website, and i have tried to 'add Community Content' but it doesnt work. im asking which other TomTom models can i add voices that have not been bought of the TomTom website??
What files come with that voice and what happens that you say it doesn't work? Can you install the voice files but not select them?
You can't use Home 2 with either of those devices. You MUST use MyTomTom (get it at tomtom.com/getstarted).

Once installed and the unit is connected to the computer, you then have the Add Community Content menu selection in the desktop icon. That's where the voice files are added.
You download MyTomTom from tomtom.com/getstarted

Once it installs, there will be a desktop icon in the notification area of your desktop (if a pc). It'll be a white circle with the red TT hands logo.

Once you connect either unit to the computer and click on the icon, there will be a menu item called 'Add Community Content'. When you click on it, a new webpage opens in your browser to add custom pois, voices, images, etc.

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