Where are the repair centers for Tomtom?

Aug 9, 2014
TomTom Model(s)
Tomtom GO 2535 Live
I am assuming that my battery (s) are bad because it keeps beeping and when unplugged it shuts down in 28 minutes. It also has trouble locating the satellites. I tried calling and talking with a Tomtom rep. but that didn't help!


A typical 2535 Live should go for more than an hour. Personally, I'd wait until it was a bit more dead, but 28 minutes puts it at less than half life.

That wouldn't change its acquisition of satellites, though. Hoping the OP returns so we can discuss that bit.
I had used my 930 very well with only 5 minutes left to run on the battery as I usually either had it plugged in in the car or had it sit in the desk top cradle.

Also, I do not recall anyone talking about a beeping battery when it went south.


My Via 1535 beeps at me all the time <g> since I use it only to swap files onto the GO600, and never keep it charged, and yells pretty much every time I pull it off the USB cord. Once that screen with the red bar on the battery shows up indicating it's going to shut itself down, it will start squawking at you as well.
Sorry I'm new to forums so apologise in advance if I'm doing something wrong...
My tom tom go520 wouldn't work if it wasn't plugged into a power source. I have just replaced the battery but when I removed the screen a tiny component fell out. When I switched it on the drums didn't sound but everything else seemed fine until I took it on the first journey put in the destination and it was fine then 5 - 10 minutes into the journey it powered itself off with a count down....the little piece that came out is very similar to a piece that is under the switch on button? Any help appreciated - now I've just got to work out how I get any replies that are left???
You come back here for another visit!

Did you recover the piece that fell out and did you attempt to replace it, or ???

Are you running it from the adapter in your car, or just trying to run it from its own battery? Do you have your unit set to turn off when external power is lost? If you are running it from an adapter and it went into shut-down count down, you probably just lost power from the cigarette lighter adapter. Check those connections again. When properly connected to power, you should see the green light on the face of the unit.
Phew...made it back!

Yes and I've just discovered it is a button, if you take off the front screen and press the on button it goes onto an identical component, on the motherboard, to my loose piece and so I just checked if my loose piece works as a button. It does.

Also I've just had my tom tom on on the table put in a journey but obviously didn't move and it stayed on??? Not attached to a power source whereas in the car I had it plugged into my stereo with a USB cable

I can't work out how to find out if it is due to turn off when external power is lost, I haven't changed any settings. The green light was on. I'm going to take it out now without plugging it into a power source and see what happens
It works fine with no power source and it seems to work fine with the ciggy lighter charger so maybe that part was just left in there by mistake??? but where has the drum sound gone on turning device on?


Normal off/on cycles of the device will not generate the drum sounds. A reboot of the device will.

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