When will Tomtom realize their mistake using Teleatlas as the map source??

TomTom Navigation around here....



TomTom should give map upgrade discounts to people who submit valid MapShare edits / changes.
Not a bad idea...if they had a percentage scale for the number of updates that were submitted and verified as valid. They probably lack the logistics and staff to handle that though.
What's hard to come to grips with is that Yahoo maps & Mapquest are extemely up to date. How much do they cost? Nothing.

My TT's maps are woefully out of date. Subdivisions that are 10 years old in my area don't exist on the map. POI's that were never there, ever, are listed. Roads that crossed a highway 25 years ago still show, but the change that occurred 5 years ago isn't listed.

I LOVE the interface of the TomTom, but the maps suck for something they expect you to pay for. When my 720 is a year or so old, it's going on ebay and I'll replace it with something better.

Exploring the country on a motorcycle when your GPS is operating on a strangte mix of 1950 maps, 1970 road conditions, just doesn't get it.



TomTom and Maps

In talking with my friends who own other brand GPS units, mainly Garmin, there also seems to be this "love-hate" relationship. They appear to have the same screwy routing issues that TomTom's exhibit, and some of their horror stories are worse than I have seen on this forum. The gentlemen who commented on the manufactures spending too much time and money on the "bells and whistles" rather than improving their existing products is 100% correct. The pricing of map updates, like most software, is overly high in my opinion. If you charged half of the present map update price more people would update more frequently and in the long run the companies would probably make more money on their maps than they do now. I never can understand how companies that are technically so good, can be so bad on the business side of things.
People will use maphare and with that FREE help their map will get brtter I we hope:eek:
I was recently in Cary, NC and the accuracy down there is horrible!! Roadways don't exist, entrance ramps that have been "moved" years ago haven't been updated, etc.. I would have to say that during my week stay, there were at least 10 or 15 serious issues. It seems like roads built/updated between 1980 and 2000 are ok....otherwise horrible. Unfortunately, the mapshare feature isn't advanced enough to "move" roads, add roads, etc. It should have the feature to flag a location of error and report that location. That report should then be processed and updated by Teleatlas. Actually...the whole issue is that Teleatlas does not update their maps based on issues reported on their website. I have reported 15 or 20 issues over the past year, year and a half and when I look on their site today, the problems are still there. My question...if google maps are right, why aren't GPS units??? :mad:

I think we will end up with one TomTom and one Garmin (especially with the prices coming down recently). Of course I am sure the Garmin (based on comments here) will have the same issue.


I dunno about the accuracy of TeleAtlas maps, but Garmin's latest maps (released this past month) are pretty accurate out here in the west. Last year's map was pretty accurate as well. This year's update added alot of new road's, subdivisions, businesses, etc. that have popped up here w/in the past two to three years.

This is my observation of "my area of the west coast" Navteq coverage.

Tomtom's / TeleAtlas's maps were fairly accurate around here as well. I don't see the point to releasing updates every quarter though.

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