What is better 1605 or 540XXL

Sep 13, 2012
TomTom Model(s)
XXL 540 340 Live 1605
DHN,, what is b etter 1605/540XXL... I cannot get mytomtom to do much at all. no cameras, ....etc..


DHN well I am not too pleased with the lack of features in the 1605 but now my 540XXL is totally messed up and it does not even format..(or with my relatively fast PC it has been formatting for 45 minutes now...
Frankly I think the mytomtom web app is seriously anemic and highly frustrating..I am ready to throw the 540 in the trash and return the 1605 to the vendor as I do not work well with this stress.
You're not giving us much to go on.

Please keep the XXL's problems to it's own topic....

So what are you trying to install to the VIA1605 using MyTomTom? Third party speed cameras and POIs? TomTom's own updates?
What else were you hoping MyTomTom would do?

(or do you only want to speak to dhn?)
I'm out of here soon for 2 weeks so I suggest that 4ubest carry on with you, Andy.


No you are fine as would be any subject matter expert,,, Yes on the 1605 I was trying to get Speed Cameras and POI and demo in 500%, GPS Fix, and sirens and gongs and things instead of the similar sound effects as well as compass and louder computer voice..etc etc, but they just do not seem to exist
My TomTom is ONLY a method for the PC to communicate with the TomTom in order to download updates or to buy new maps, and to add your own content.
It doesn't have the same "marketplace" of extras from other users that we were used to in Home.

You can certainly blame TomTom for that omission but not 'MyTomTom' specifically as it was never designed to do that. TT had plans to create something similar, for the NAV3 models, but I wouldn't hold your breath.

However, you an still add all the things you used to, so long as you have them on your PC or can find them elsewhere on the web.

Taking your list one by one:
Speed cameras:... If you have a TomTom with 'LIVE' capability and a current subscription to the LIVE Services, ,then you will get speed cameras offered to you.

Several other companies do their own speed camera databases which are often better than TT's version. Try a Google search for them.

POIs: There are several good POI libraries on line, with thousands of general or special interest POI sets. Again, Google is your friend

"Demo in 500%" - I'm assuming you mean you want to be able to adjust the speed ofthe built-in demo feature. Sorry, that's just not possible on the new NAV3 models.

Sound Effects - Again, these are fairly easy to find on the web

Computer voices - You've never been able to download those, even with Home

If you need help finding any of the available content, then ask here and someone can probably help (or do a forum search as lists of POI libraries etc. have often been posted up here.
Thank you Andy_P.. Honestly since the maps are the same, the only advantages I see myself to the 1605 are the screen size and speed of routing. I do not think I would use the micro sd card slot.
Anyone, I have a few days left to return my 1605,, Can you tell me other than the 1" bigger clearer screen and faster routing what the advantage of the 1605TM is over the 540TM. What is the purpose of the SD card memory capability ?


Apart from bigger clearer screen and faster routing calcs and the SD card slot...not a lot.

The SD card slot is used to install memory cards so you have more memory available for additional maps, or for larger versions of your existing map as and when they are produced.

As an example of how this is useful, the full Europe map is now too large for some models' internal memory. If your model does not have an SD card slot, then you have to use a "zoned" version of the map, where only parts of Europe are actually loaded onto the device at any one time.


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