What I don't understand about Map update subscriptions?


Oct 16, 2007
Maryland, USA
TomTom Model(s)
720, 1535TM
I updated my OS several months ago to Win7 and just got around to downloading Home on the new computer and updating my TT720. I believe but am not certain that my update subscription has expired. Among the updates downloaded and installed was a North American Map Update. I sought to confirm I am current.

Steps taken to confirm update

  • I checked my TT720 and confirmed it does have version 880.3810 installed.
  • I checked on the TomTom site and it says that version 880 is the current version. (There were no following numbers)
  • I looked at the top of the window when I was logged into my account on TomTom.com and it said my maps are out of date.
I am happy to pay $40 subscription for 4 quarterly updated maps but I don't want to pay for one of those to be what I already have.


  • Is 880 only the year (2011) and 3810 a quarterly verion?
  • Can I subscribe to the updates and begin with the next version rather than the current version?
  • How can I determine if my map update subscription is current so I can avoid double paying?
  • Can I trust the window that says my map is out of date? and how can I confirm that?
  • If I pay for 4 quarterly updates and fail to log on and update for 3 quarters, what do I get as an update, the current one or the prior one I had failed to download?

RVA in Maryland, USA
The issue of the "outdated map" message in Home comes up frequently. Immediately after a map update, there are no new MapShare updates available, and Home (incorrectly) advises that your maps are out of date. About the time you see your first MapShare connection produce a result in Home, you'll see that message go away. It's an ongoing problem with Home, and they don't ever seem to fix it, so just ignore it.

I have no idea what 3810 is. The current version is 880. Updates are issued quarterly, so the next one (about mid-February) will be 885, the quarter after that will be 890, etc.

To be safe, I'd call customer service to verify the correct expiration date of your subscription. That said, extending your subscription before expiry should just do exactly that, extend it. There should be no overlap in subscriptions.

If you failed to download a particular update, that's going to be on you. So for example, if you have a 1 year subscription and only download 3 of the 4 quarterly updates, but have downloaded the final one for the subscription, TomTom will (rightly) claim that at the end, you ARE current having received the most recent. Whenever you do it, you will get the current map. So if you miss #3, and are downloading after #4 is released, you get #4.

1 866 486 6866 (available 8:30AM to 7:00PM EST Mon - Fri and 9:00AM to 5:00PM EST Saturdays)
Thanks, Canderson. My curiouslity got the best of me. I subscribed. Looks like I might be risking $10 of the $40. I hope you are right.

What I did and What I got:
[FONT=&quot]- I received an ad/reminder that said map update for year @$39.95[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]- I clicked on it and got an additional item that said 50% off because my map is current. Did not clarfiy 50% off of $80 or $40.

[FONT=&quot]- Clicked on “more” and read that I was assured 4 updates in the next year.[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]- I bought and was billed at $39.95.[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]- Then immediately it populated my Home with a map download the same version I have. It looks like it will remain there until I download it or another comes out. I fear this is #1 of 4. I hope #1 comes in Feb.

[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]Not sure what I bought. I would not have paid $80 for 4 updates. I intended to pay $40 for four updates. It seems I paid $40 for 3 updates. [/FONT]
[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]
Since your map was up to date, you were offered the discounted rate for a yearly subscription. Had your map been old, they would have required you to buck up an additional amount to update it first (based upon the age of your map), for a maximum price of $79.95 (the price of starting over with a new map).

What your subscription should have done for you is 885, 890, 895 and 900 as each is released. As I say, you might check with CS on Monday to see if your previous subscription had in fact expired after the download of 880. If not, your new subscription would start with whatever map follows your existing subscription.

Not sure why the system offered you 880 again. That's why I'd call CS to be sure.
Happy Camper:

At your suggestion, I called and was told that, in fact, I would receive four more updates after this duplicate. That is just as you said would happen. Now all I need to do is remember my dates and confirm I receive 4 before I subscribe again.

This thread will then be my confirming dates.

If everything works as has historically been the case, updates will occur in (about) the middle of February, May, August and November.
I have no idea what 3810 is. The current version is 880. Updates are issued quarterly, so the next one (about mid-February) will be 885, the quarter after that will be 890, etc.
I believe that the last four digits (3810 in this case) of the map code identify the model(s) of TomTom GPS units with which the map is intended to be used. The first three digits (880 in this case) identify the revision level of the basic map data.

This is an educated guess on my part, based upon a relatively limited sample size of map numbers and the units on which they were installed, but it seems logical to me, as the maps supplied for some models are too large to fit on some of the other models, so TomTom cannot issue a single version of each map revision.

With best wishes,
- Tom -

  • Is 880 only the year (2011) and 3810 a quarterly verion?
The full map version number is, as you correctly say v880.3810

The first part (880) is the main "release number" and that doesn't refer to the year specifically. There are four releases a year and the number just goes up in "fives" every time.
So this month's release was v880, August's was v875, May's was v870, February's was v865 etc.

The second part defines the exact type of map. There are different sizes of map for different models, with more or less detail, and there are also different versions with or without IQ Routing data, with or without Voice control files etc.
So a Europe map of the same specs as your US one would also be a v880.3810
But the numbers used change every time and I've never seen any particular pattern to it.
TBH it doesn't matter, the only bit you need to know is the main version number.
Ah - I wasn't taking the 3810 mentioned by the OP to be a suffix, but rather, some standalone number. Indeed, the suffix identifies a particular build of at the map at that time (the general time of release is what the 880 really identifies) of map release. When "880" comes out, there are numerous versions required for various units around the world.

I see now that I read his post again that he referenced 880.3810.

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