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    I wrote a review of the ONE XL-S for Amazon.com, and gave it three out of five stars. I said it seems to be a pretty good navigation device for novices, but upgrades could be problematic. I'll stand by that, and I do understand the features left out of the ONE for price point reasons.

    Were I the Grand High Poobah at TomTom, I certainly would have done things differently. I surely would have had a real skull session with the marketing flacks! I would want to be as sure as possible that the reviews and the FAQs on my site and whatever other sources potential purchasers might use in deciding on which brand and model to choose. TomTom has come up really short in this area!

    Yesterday, I got an update to TomTom HOME and lo and behold, that map that I said I wanted in my previous thread has disappeared. More experienced posters than I had pointed out that the maps are now device specific. Now that bone of contention has been removed. If I understand correctly, the more detailed maps are "slices" of the one I thought I wanted so badly. Also, at least one poster mentioned that the extra detail is not all that great anyway. What I have not yet learned is whether the detailed maps actually have usable data that the standard map does not have.

    I remain quite unhappy with the fact that a memory upgrade is required to use the "computer voices" for the advertised text to speech capability. I believe that TomTom mislead everyone who bought (or will buy) a ONE XL-S for that feature. Had I known that the included memory would not allow the required "computer voices" to be loaded to the device it certainly would have gone into the matrix I used for my purchase decision. I also feel mislead at the non use of the included memory with an added memory card, thus wasting the first gigabyte of added memory.

    What I plan to do now is add a four gig SD card and use the device for what it is. That memory will allow me to add the computer voices and a detailed map or two (or more) and decide for myself what features are important.

    I've heard that a person will buy three motor homes before they find the one they really wanted in the first place. GPS devices are a LOT cheaper than motor homes, so if it takes three portable navigation devices before I find the best one for me - maybe that ain't so bad. I used Delorme's Street Atlas on my laptop for a couple of trips and found the problems with that method. This is the first navigation device I've owned that I can keep in my line of sight and not have my night vision destroyed, so it's definitely better.

    Thanks to all responders to my previous posts, I truly appreciate the feedback. I expect to be around to participate in the forums as I learn and do more with my XL-S.

    Later, y'all!!!
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    [email protected], Feb 9, 2008
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    You don't need to purchase additional memory to use the TTS... In fact, it comes with a preloaded computer voice... The issue is if you want MORE than one computer voice. But in that case, remove the one that is on there and add the other. You can't listen to more than one voice at a time anyways, so why would you need more?
    And while it is annoying that you cannot get the super maps, it was never advertised that you COULD put the North America maps on the XL-S... So you can't really gripe about that in the long run.
    I agree that not being able to figure out if the regional maps contains details that would make better use of the unit or not is a short-coming - I'd like to be able to compare as well, but they do not offer that ability. Perhaps if more people contact them with either the ability to try out the maps for a period of time, or some other way of detailing the differences in the maps, they would come up with something to appease their client base.

    To quote another's signature - It Is What It Is...
    SShadow, Feb 9, 2008
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