Weird Route

May 20, 2008
I have a 920 with firmware version 8.010 and the 7.20 map. I planned a route from city center Secaucus, NJ to Manhattan, NY and my 920 gives me a route 7:44 hrs - 309M but on the bottom it says (original 0:13 hr - 6.8M) and shows on the map as starting around Albany, NY. It won't let me recalculate the original route. Also the first map it display was correct starting at Secaucus, NJ going thru the Lincoln Tunnel and arriving in Manhattan, NY but it kept calculating and it finally showed the route starting around Albany. If I start in Manhattan and end up in Secaucus I get a route of 0:22 hrs - 8.8 M (original 0:12 hrs - 7.3M) again can't recalculate original route. Can someone please check to see if the get the same results.

Found the problem I was telling it to avoid toll roads.
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