Watching Movies and Playing Music on your TT

Aug 13, 2008
When I heard that you can play movies on you TT (I have a GO 720), I wanted to do it also. When I did some research, there are two main players: Mobilnova's MediaCenter (MC) and Tomplayer (TP).

MC is a program that you have to purchase. Although there's a cracked (illegal) verson out there, from what I've read, people are have lots of trouble with it - you can only play for 2 minutes and the player would stop because it's not a registered version. Although some people have managed to figure out how to get around this, from what I can read, there's a lot of fiddling to do...which I don't want. Some people simply gave up and ended up just purchasing the program. From what I hear, MC is a good program that's stable. Some have said it's well worth the money.

TP, on the other hand, is a free program. It's not very difficult to install (and I'm not a computer geek). Granted, the menu system isn't as fancy looking as the MC, but it works well (plays longer than 2 min :D ), and once you get into the player mode, there are skins available.

Obviously I went with TP. It works great, I didn't break the law, and I don't have to fiddle with files to keep making my player play longer than 2 minutes.

***For those of you who think watching movies on you TT is something you want, a notice: The TT hardware was never designed to play movies. So these players have limited hardware to work with. So, movies usually have to be converted to smaller file sizes, bitrate, and all that media geeky term I have no idea what they mean. To do this, you need another software. For MC, a MediaConverter comes with the software. For TP, you have to use either SUPER or PocketDivxEncoder. Converting a movie file to a smaller size (480x272 for my GO720) takes a LONG time. I don't have the fastest computer so it probably takes me longer than most of you guy. But just be warn. If anyone's interested in how this TT newbie got TP to work, let me know and I'll post the instructions.

Please post

I've been converting movies to PSP and Zen formats for quite some time. In addition to Super, there are also some other, faster conversion programs out there. I personally prefer to start with DVD shrink and eliminate all the stuff other than the movie itself. I find that AutoGK is a great program...I like it much better than Super. Will let you set up parameters for a bunch of movies, then run it overnight and in the am, you have your new files.

Please post instructions on format, installing the player, etc if you would.
Got it installed okay now and can get it to launch. Problem now is getting it to recognize files on my SD card. I created an mp3 and a video directory, but can't get tplayer to open my sd card for some reason. No problems with the internal player playing mp3 files. Using a SanDisk UltraII 8 gb SD card.

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