VR problems with GO740TM and language settings

Jul 8, 2010

I am new to this forum, but did not find this issue rasied elsewhere.

I have recently purchased a US specification GO740TM to use in the states and in the United Kingdom. I accept that the live services will not work in Europe, but TMC traffic works fine in both countries.

Being a Brit I like to listen to a UK voice and use UK terms such as "motorway" instead of "Highway" and "roundabout" instead of "rotary" etc, so I have downloaded a UK English computer voice called "Simon".

I find that the voice recognition works fine if the language the GO is set to "English US", but is greyed out if I change to "English UK". This is the case when using either the 2Gb USA map or a purchased UK and Ireland map which contains all the Cspeech files. Simon reads out the street names etc fine in both maps.

Does anyone know how to get VR to work using a US spec Go740 when set to different languages?


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