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Jun 3, 2008
Toronto - Pickering, ON
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Old_Raft said:
At the sign of a tailback, accident etc. I leave the A road or motorway and plan a new route NOT on the motorways. The 6200 is set to "Fastest route" which for this specific destination is ALWAYS motorways. This means that I have to go back into Settings, Route Planning, "Always plan this type of route" to change the route to "Avoid Motorways" otherwise it just takes me back to the road I was stuck on.
I am surprised that a 6200 does not immediately route you to the fastest way to destination, as it is always connected with traffic updates.
Could it be that everything else was worse at that time.

Hopefully, by the time an update to the OS is offered again, they give us more/different options.

PS I am not sure when my last post was
Ah, finally I can give some helpful advice.
Your last post before was October 22, 2018.
Easy to find, click on the number of post in the left panel and they will all show up.



Dec 28, 2007
Colorado, USA
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Here's my experience with routing...

Setting up for Fastest Route nearly always provides just that. The only exceptions are when traffic has suddenly changed due to an issue that caught us between exits, or if for some reason, the Live traffic data hasn't been available for some reason. The device takes the known map speed history and stacks on top of that road classes (which can indeed make some routes appear slower than they really will be) and on top of that the current traffic situation. Seeing those things, the device may indeed lead one into traffic knowing that the alternatives off highway are going to be even slower, or at certain points, may lead you into a mess that can't be resolved until the next exit, at which point it should be suggesting that exit if it will improve things. It can't predict the unknown, but it should be dealing reasonably well with reality as it is.

"Avoid Motorways" isn't there to speed up the journey on a bad traffic day, or to try to beat "Fastest Route", since a person doesn't have enough information to know if that will be possible given all of the variables. It's there to "Avoid Motorways".
Oct 6, 2010
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All, since Tomtom appears to be reading this forum, and in hopes of helping Tomtom prioritize new feature introduction, I am setting up this thread as a way for people to vote for their most wanted new features.

Please reply to this thread with your most wanted new features, and rate each from 1 (little importance to you) to 5 (very important to you).

About once a week, I'll edit this initial post with a tabulation of everyone's results. Hopefully, someone from Tomtom is reading this, and will consider the votes of this community as it prioritizes its development.

A couple of ground rules:
- Only report functionality that doesn't doesn't exist in any product currently sold by Tomtom. Don't report features that are already available in a newer / more expensive models. I'll remove items from the tabulation if / when Tomtom introduces them on a new model.
- Don't report bugs. I made a separate bug-voting thread here.
- If you see another idea you like, vote for it too. I'll count total votes when I tabulate totals.
- I'll default to a rank of 3 if not specified.
- If you change your mind, reply to the thread with a new post with all your votes again. I'll replace your old votes with the new ones. Please don't edit an earlier post as I may not see it.
- If you're not sure if something is available on a newer / more expensive model, please post a separate thread asking for help first.
- To prevent spamming, I'll only tabulate votes from members who have made at least one non-spam/non-intro post somewhere on this forum, between 15 and 120 days prior to voting. New members, please wait 15 days after a prior post before voting.

Here are the current vote totals:

Weight Rank votes...Feature Description

__39_____4.3_____9___navigate to street before city (or choose "anywhere" as city)
__23_____3.3_____7___vocalize which side of the street the destination is on
__23_____3.8_____6___display POI pop-up while in drive mode
__22_____3.7_____6___preference to decrease or shut off the 5 minute uturn delay(see this link)
__22_____3.7_____6___improved selection of long vs short road segments in mapshare
__20______4______5___allow any menu item on quickmenu
__19_____3.8_____5___mapshare edits on segments of streets, not just between intersections
__18_____3.6_____5___auto-sorting of fastest order of stops on an itinerary
__17_____3.4_____5___alphanumeric house number input
__17_____4.3_____4___add/move a road via mapshare
__17_____3.4_____5___larger/full screen emulator in Operate my tomtom
__16_____3.2_____5___ability to add more custom menu icons on main navigation screen
__14_____3.5_____4___auto-poweron when external power is connected
__12______3______4___preference for "browse/panning mode" while navigating
__11_____2.8_____4___preference to prefer highways / avoid local roads
__10_____3.3_____3___create an itinerary online and transfer it to the tomtom(see this link)
__10_____3.3_____3___sort POI by driving distance, not birds-flight distance
___9______3______3___Bluetooth support for PAN, and for more phones / carriers
___9______3______3___aftermarket in-dash radio/GPS with a larger screen
___9______3______3___don't have legal disclaimer each time device is turned on
___9_____2.3_____4___see multiple route options (fastest, avoid highways, etc) on a map before selecting one
___9______3______3___automatically clear routes after arrival
___8______4______2___Bluetooth handsfree calls via line out or FM
___8______4______2___increase fm modulator strength
___8_____2.7_____3___tapless speech recognition (voice keyword)
___8_____2.7_____3___speech control for all menus/functions
___8______4______2___drag legs of a trip on a map to create waypoints
___8______4______2___ability to avoid roads based on vehicle restrictions (in the US)
___8_____2.7_____3___perference to vocalize that directions are recalculating
___8______4______2___choose a level of map detail that would remain at any zoom level
___7_____2.3_____3___change address numbers via mapshare
___7_____2.3_____3___time of day and # of people info for HOV lanes
___7_____3.5_____2___categorize restaurants by cuisine
___6______3______2___navcore 8 SDK
___6______3______2___disable stolen units
___6______2______3___dial by voice - contacts or digits
___6______2______3___a preference for fingerprint identification instead of password input
___6______3______2___special characters for BT DUN (eg: s=2 for nextel)
___6______3______2___speak house number of destination
___5_____2.5_____2___digital compass
___5_____1.7_____3___Time-of-day map features (road restrictions/turn restrictions)
___5______5______1___ability to select multiple roads in mapshare based on partial road name (eg pkwy)
___5______5______1___adjustable volume on line out
___5______5______1___improve accuracy of TTS
___5______5______1___larger font in Browse as text
___5______5______1___higher contrast/whiter background in Browse as text
___5______5______1___auto skip/scroll to future directions in browse as text
___4______4______1___allow subscriptions to be moved to a device within the new devices LMG period
___4______4______1___setting to turn off signpost display
___4______2______2___voice activated dialing via bluetooth handsfree
___4______4______1___user-friendly error messages in HOME
___3______3______1___show zoom scale on driving screen
___3______3______1___breadcrumbs / ability to track travel history
___3_____1.5_____2___mapshare barrier/roadblock, that doesn't erase the whole road
___3______3______1___more americanization of phrases / units
___3______3______1___move "this side of road" speed camera button to the right for right-drive countries
___3______3______1___display coordinates of a POI
___3______3______1___display unsnapped GPS data on satellite page
___3______3______1___faster refresh rate
___3______3______1___replaceable battery pack
___3______3______1___HOME for Linux
___3______3______1___screen lock function
___3______3______1___debouncing of screen keypresses to prevent accidental taps
___3______3______1___increase maximum number of favorites
___3______3______1___keep a consistent name for all stretches of a highway
___3______3______1___show the current RDS-TMC frequency
___3______3______1___show the RDS-TMC expiration date
___3______3______1___color code traffic congestion on the right-hand bar
___3______3______1___ability to delete individual recent destinations
___3______3______1___customize distance of auto-zoom
___3______3______1___ability to save entire routes
___3______3______1___calculator function
___3______3______1___preference to have compass point to where you are heading
___3______3______1___augmented reality (overlay camera pic) on iPhone
___3______3______1___ability to avoid part of a road in the "avoid" menu
___3______3______1___wider up/down arrows in POI search results
___3______3______1___grey-out/disable up/down arrow when at first/last screen of POI search results
___3______3______1___allow changing of 2d car icon color
___3______3______1___larger buttons at the bottom of the screen
___2______2______1___Extend TTS pause between multi-word street names.
___0______0______0___preference to move next street to bottom of screen
___0______0______0___lifetime map update
___0______0______0___obd-II connector (receive car telemetry)
___0______0______0___optional chime when making a turn
___0______0______0___show more than 24 search results for POI searches
___0______0______0___Auto-transfer personal mapshare corrections to newer maps.
___0______0______0___More Advanced Lane Guidance unavailable in Canada
___0______0______0___Iqroutes including seasonal/time of year data
___0______0______0___"send me to an unverified mapshare edit" option to allow crowdsourced validation
___0______0______0___semi-transparent status bar
___0______0______0___navigate to mile markers
___0______0______0___permit more than 48 waypoints
___0______0______0___adjustable tolerance for the over-the-speed-limit alert
___0______0______0___receipts of local location-based broadcasts
Oct 6, 2010
TomTom Model(s)
Go 540live
I support adding a compass as used to be one.
Use of what3words for destinations



Jun 3, 2008
Toronto - Pickering, ON
<img src="/styles/default/custom/flags/ca.png" alt="Canada" /> Canada
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930; GO 620; Start 63
If you read the whole thread you would have noticed That TomTom hasn't checked in here for years.

Since they set up their own end used forum a few years ago they definitely will not need to check any independent one.

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