Volume at 100% all the time

Mar 13, 2013
Lithgow NSW
TomTom Model(s)
tom tom rider 2
My tom tom rider 2 is paired with Sena SMH 10 headset and I cannot turn the volume down even when the control is at 10% the volume remains at 100%,when you turn the volume down on the headset to an acceptable level for the tom tom voice comands you cannot hear intercom between rider and passenger. Thanks Ron
Hmmm... I can't come up with any specifics as I don't have a Rider 2. but here are a few thoughts I've had so far (sorry if any or all of them are obvious to you!):

1. By default, a lot of the Rider's menu items are hidden. Have you enabled the hidden menus and checked for any other volume contols?

2. I know that on other TomToms there *is* a hidden menu for the volume while you are on a call. You have to wait until you are on a phone call and then you access the NORMAL volume control on the TomTom, but that actually affects the level of the incoming call only (the setting then gets remembered).
If that feature exists on the Rider2, maybe juggling those two controls may help?

3. It might be a Bluetooth issue between the Rider2 and that particular headset (although from the symptoms you give, I doubt it). Did the Rider come with a Scala headset, and if so could you try that, just to see if it's any different?

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