Voice Reco with Firmwire v7.48 and 7.20Maps in TomTom Go 720

Discussion in 'Maps and Routing' started by ar1979, Jun 9, 2008.

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    Voice Reco working with Firmwire v7.48 and 7.20Maps in TomTom Go 720

    I got my 720 a couple of days ago. I was following the various threads on TomTom Go 720 for sometime now. I was not sure if I wanted to update to the new maps and firmwire after reading all the threads.
    Anyways I went ahead and updated the firmware from 7.05 to 7.48. Then I updated the maps with the 'Map Gurantee', I used TomTom Home to do this (Tools->Use Map Gurantee), I was told by a customer representative that doing it via Home would be easy.
    After messing with Home for sometime(1 day) and downloading the maps 3-4 times (one time my 'C:' drive didnt have space) I was able to install the new Maps (Home did that automatically for me). When I restarted the TomTom I could find that it had the Voice Recognition enabled and I was able to use it. I did not create any file in the ASR folder to do this.
    I also noticed that from the first download that the map folder contains a set of speech files. But I had played around with my TomTom before successfully installing the maps. The download is about 1.6Gb-1.7Gb.

    This is what I did.
    1. I first updated only the firmware to 7.48.
    2. I then rebooted the TomTom (I was using it for a couple of days), since I was not sure of downloading the new maps.
    3. I connected TomTom to PC and logged into Home with TomTom user account.
    4. Home asked me to add TomTom and I did that to my account.
    5. I then opened the NorthAmerica_2GB folder in TomTom 720 and deleted all the contents in the folder, using 'Windows Explorer'.
    6. I deleted a couple of Spanish and French voice files since I was not sure if the map would fit in the TomTom (I don't think this is necessary)
    7. In TomTom Home using 'Tools->Use Map Gurantee' option I was able to get to the window where I could download the maps. (I did not have to use the coupon that was given with my TomTom, maybe it automatically did after I added TomTom to my account). I could find 2 maps 'Guam' and 'North America'
    8. I downloaded and installed the map for 'Guam' first. (Home had given me some problem when I tried to install both the maps together earlier)
    9. Rebooted TomTom and then connected to PC again and using 'Tools->Use Map Gurantee' option got the maps screen.
    10. Downloaded and installed North America maps (Home did this automatically). I did this over night since it was showing 3 hours to complete.

    In the morning I rebooted TomTom and there it was Voice Reco in the Menu's. I tried inputing state and street and it was working.
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    ar1979, Jun 9, 2008
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