Voice/Audio Fails at High Volume

Mar 31, 2009
Ontario, Canada
TomTom Model(s)
GO 930
Hello all,

I was wondering if anyone else has noticed any audio problems with their GO 930s or any other models.

The other day I noticed that when I turned my volume up to 80%+, the voice would stop working and the screen would dim. It was an unpleasant thing to see and made it feel as if the unit was shorting out. If I lowered the volume it would start working again. After doing this several times, the voice failed to come back at all even after turning the unit off and on several times. The only way I could get the voice to come back was to uninstall the tomtom application from the unit and reinstall it. After I did this, the voices worked again but the same problem persisted that if I turned the volume up over 80% the voice would fail until I turned the volume down.

I called tomtom and the woman asked if the unit was fully charged and that that was the only thing she could think of that might be the problem. Although I don't know why, it appears she may be partly onto something. I recharged the unit for 3 hours and after doing so the voices don't fail at high volume settings. BUT, although they don't totally fail, some voices, like the British computer voice crackle somewhat and the screen flickers slightly when it's talking. It seems the audio and screen problem get progressively worse as the battery drains eventually leading to complete failure.

I don't know if this is supposed to be some kind of battery saving feature or what, but it's gotta be one of the most ungraceful failures I've ever seen. Who wants their GPS having a seizure just because the battery is getting low???

On the Garmins I've used, there has never been any crackle from the speaker and never any screen flicker no matter how high you turn the volume.

Can anyone tell me if you experience any audio/voice problems (and screen dimming) at high volume settings?... especially if your units battery is low.


The newest firmware certainly has caused users to experience sound issues such as voices completely cutting out when the battery drops below a certain level (50%?).

The point is that the unit is MEANT to be operated with a car charger when the unit is indeed being operated in a vehicle.

If indeed your unit is conneted to the charger, it may be a fault in the charger or receptacle in notting putting out enough 'oomph' to sustain the demands of the o/s in making the maps refresh and the voices sound.
Same problem here with my 930! I wasted a good part of my past Sunday trying to figure out what was wrong. I charged the unit over night and it was working fine on my way to work Monday morning. I don't understand why they would build a portable GPS to work in this manner??
I just had the same issue with my Go 720. It was the first time I had used it on battery and the sound crackled, the screen dimmed (and seemed to vibrate) at anything over 85%. I will try it plugged in today and see if I have better results. What an odd problem this is. I love my TT, but chalk another one up to TomTom. Where else could you find such an ingenious battery saving feature!
voice problems

If calling Ghost Busters doesn't work then you must do what every one else does. YOU MUST connect to your car. You will never have this problem. When at home recharge your unit for the next day.
Yep......The device works longer and better when plugged in. If you get to 50% the sounds tails of or the screen goes funny, I know its something they are working on but I have not heard any news at this time

Have fun

I have the same issue with bluetooth when I am on battery. If the battery gets around 50% BT craps out on me and is unusable.
The simple remedy for all the above issues is to use the car charger that was supplied with the device, at the end of the day a TomTom is purchased for in car navigation where electrical power is readily available. When you get the Live connected devices in the USA you will also find the GPRS modem powers down below a certain battery charge level - Keep it on charge and you won't have any of these issues - Mike
of course it is, but then why do they put a battery in the thing? at some point these things will be used without the cord and this is a pretty severe side effect of running off the battery.
I have no doubt this will be corrected at some point. No other devices I've tested from other companies do this, and TomTom is aware of it. It'll get fixed.
interesting ! I have a 920 (WE) and never had a volume issue with the BT earpiece connected. Since I also paired it with my 920, the volume is low - actually, it makes the BT function worthless. The connection with the my ear piece (Bluetrek Tattoo) is still fine and I could adjust the volume when it's used, but it's not the same with my TT920. When it's paired, the volume is fixed at 25% and cannot be adjusted ! I can't hear anything when driving.
The 920 is always plugged-in and cherging in the car when this happens, so it does not appear to be the battery issue.
Any insight ? thanks, p:)
I think you need to actually make a call fromn your cell with the bluetooth attached and you'll see a new volume control slider. Adjust it and it should increase the volume you are receiving.

At least, I think that's how it is done.....:eek:
I think you need to actually make a call fromn your cell with the bluetooth attached and you'll see a new volume control slider. Adjust it and it should increase the volume you are receiving.

At least, I think that's how it is done.....:eek:

I will try that - because I did notice the volume is 'locked' when I receive a call - not certain about when I place a call. In any event, it would be great to hear when someone calls also !! or ti defies the purpose of having this hands-free Bluetooth option.
Any other input would be great, p :)
The hands free volume slider is only active while you are making / receiving a call via the TomTom, phone your home number or a mate and tap the lower left corner of the screen now adjust the hands free voulme. The slider doesn't look any different but it controls different volume settings once the device is being used for hands free. Also remember there are no options to route the phone audio through anything other than the built in speaker - MIke
I have a Diesel truck and I am getting Old with bad hearing. The way they have cut the volume on 8.35 it makes it real hard on us old guys. I have sat. radio and don't want to run all day on FM.
The reason for a volume control is so you can adjust it, as it stands now we are at 100% and needing more.
This is like the government deciding for you..Every time they fix something they screw something else up.What a bummer.
yes always try not to use your unit on your battery for more then 30 minuits and then after this charge it. When fooling around with your unit try to do it while pluged into the charger and leave it overnight to charge. always use the charge in the car.

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