vietnamese voice for TomTom

When I go to:

Changes Preferences> Change Language

Vietnamese is not an option.


"never mind, I found it in VOICE".

Thanks for the hint.

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The file whch should look something like this: dataXX.chk where XX = a 2 digit number should go in the voices folder on the unit. Use Explorer to move it there.

You may find it here:
C:\Documents and Settings\yourname\My Documents\TomTom\HOME\Downloads\complete\voices\
i downloaded the file but couldn't find in my tomtom navigation. help please. thanks

Hi Christine. I think you need wdindows RAR in order to download and unzip the file
Just google it & install it in your PC .....
Now you can download RAR zipped file .....put it on your desktop and Unzip it there "By double ckick it"
You will see 3 files ....."Leave it open ....
Now plug your tt to pc ...should see device menu it ...look for "VOICE" folder it ....
Then Drag those three file in ...CLOSE ON FOLDERS "x OUT" ....
You'r all set to go ....just go to "Change preferences" ....."change voice" should see
a "Special 12" it ...
Good luck.
(BTW...Need more help ....Pm me"

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