vietnamese voice for TomTom

Hi QuocHuy40
I just got my TomTom One 3th Edition
is this vietnamse voice working with my TomTOm one 3th edition?
My tomtom one 3th edition does't has memory card slot.
if thi voice working with my TomTom one 3th edition, please show me how to add in
Thank You
Hi Jimmy.
I saw that nobody answered your question.
Just unzip the content into the Voices folder, after that go to Change Preferences/Change Voices ...
By the way all TomToms work the same way.
Link is dead. Can someone send me the file?

I'm looking for a Vietnamese Voice for my parents.

I don't have it.
You don't need it. Without the 'chk' file you cannot 'Test' the voice before selecting it, that's all.
oh, but the voice isn't detected or something. I go to change voice, and the Vietnamese one isn't there.

EDIT: umm, I think you do need the .chk file, cos isn't that the actual voice file? I tried getting a .chk from another voice and renaming it to match the other files, and the device finally shows the option of choosing the voice.
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the zip file has 3 files :


I have a TOMTOM XL340S

I have extracted all 3 files to VOICES in TOMTOM but the voice will not show up when I'm trying to change the language. Can anybody help? I'm doing this for my dad so if somebody could help me, that would be greatly appreciated.


What do you mean by 'changing the language'? Are you trying to do that in the preferences screens?

What happens if you just use Voice Preference-->Select Voice. Does it show up in that listing? If not, try a reset on the unit.

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